Don’t be fooled by marks when buying Wedgwood online

The old rules have changed when it comes to dating. The WEDGWOOD ENGLAND mark was generally used to indicate that a piece was made between 1891-96. That’s not the case anymore. Wedgwood is now jobbing out some of its work and a number of pieces aren’t made by the original factory, nor are they made in England. They therefore have a WEDGWOOD ENGLAND mark only, not WEDGWOOD MADE IN ENGLAND mark. In other words, the old generally accepted rules don’t necessarily apply, so don’t be duped by an eBay advertizer to thinking you’re getting an antique when it’s a piece made in the last few years. Also note, at the present time the backstamp "England 1759" is a new mark being used to indicate place and year of the foundation of the Wedgwood business.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled by marks when buying Wedgwood online

  1. I have a plate made by Wedgwood for the Jones, McDuffy & Stratton in Boston. This plate shows the Old South Church at Washington and Milk Streets. The plate has the marks for Wedgwood and Jones McDuffy & Stratton sole importers in Boston. Also has a copyright seal from 1899. I can send pictures to the Museum. I want to learn more about this plate if possible

  2. I bought a piece of Wedgwood at an estate sale recently. The woman was in her 80’s and I purchased two pieces that are marked Wedgwood England, but had never seen the colors before. The color is cream/beige with brown accents. One was a vase that looked like it was bamboo, and a creamer with the bamboo look. Do you have any idea how old these are?? There was an impressed number 96 on the bottom of both pieces. I appreciate any help you can give and approximate worth. Thank you.

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