Officers and Directors

Our Board of Officers and Directors

President:  Jeremy Hagger, to 2023
Vice President:  Elizabeth M. Collins, to 2022
Treasurer:  Ronald Forrest Frazier, to 2022
Corresponding Secretary:  Jessie W. Hagger, to 2022
Recording Secretary:   Dana Dauterman Ricciardi, to 2023
Directors to 2022:  Abigail B. Homer, James D. Kaufman
Directors to 2023:  Deborah Kellstrand, Lucy Lead
Directors to 2024:  Christopher L. Hagger,  Margaret C. Kerner, Stuart Slavid
Immediate Past President:  Robert D. Chellis

Executive Advisory Council (Former Presidents):
Ronald F. Frazier
Adele Ierubino Barnett
Dorothy-Lee Jones
Robert D. Chellis

News-Letter Editor: Ronald Forrest Frazier