While there have been hundreds of books written on Wedgwood ceramics, it is not always possible to find one at your local bookstore or library. Fortunately, online booksellers do have many of the key books available.

Listed below are a few books that many Wedgwood collectors find particularly helpful. The books are listed in two groups; basic books helpful to all collectors (new and experienced), and books for the more advanced collector. Additionally, there are a number of excellent biographies of Josiah Wedgwood, and a number of books written in Victorian times. Some of the 19th century works were re-published by the Buten Museum of Wedgwood (no longer in existence) in the 1960’s. The list below is by no means comprehensive, but rather a good starting point.

Some great books to start with:

  • Wedgwood: The New Illustrated Dictionary by Robin Reilly, Antiques Collectors Club, 1995
  • Wedgwood Ceramics 1846-1959 by Maureen Batkin, Richard Dennis, 1982
  • Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre by Una de Fontaines, Born-Hawes, 1975
  • Black Basalt: Wedgwood and Contemporary Manufacturers by Dianna Edwards, Antique Collectors Club, 1994
  • Wedgwood ABC but not Middle E by Harry Buten, Buten Museum of Wedgwood, 1964

Five additional books:

  • Wedgwood (2 Volumes) by Robin Reilly, Stockton Press, 1989
  • Wedgwood Ceramics by Daniel J. Keefe III, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005
  • Wedgwood: the Portait Medallions by Robin Reilly and George Savage, Barrie & Jenkins Ltd, 1973
  • Classical Wedgwood Designs by Carol Macht, Gramercy Publishing Company, 1957
  • The Portland Vase & the Wedgwood Copies by Wolf Mankowitz, Andre Deutsch, 1952

Wedgwood Dictionary