Welcome to the Wedgwood Society of Boston

Ours is one of the oldest continuing organizations devoted to the study of Wedgwood and related ceramics.

In the pages that follow, we will introduce you to our organization, tell you about our objectives and programs, and provide you with an opportunity to join with others who appreciate the beautiful and fascinating world of decorative arts known as Wedgwood.

The Wedgwood Society of Boston is Born

With Boston being a major center for Wedgwood ceramic collectors, it was not surprising when, in 1969, some of the best know authorities in the country were brought together by Mrs. Robert Dunning (Elizabeth) Chellis to establish the Wedgwood Society of Boston. Mrs. Chellis subsequently became the organization’s first president.


The Objectives – To Learn and Teach

The Wedgwood Society of Boston was founded for connoisseurs and students of Wedgwood ceramics and related classical works of art. It brings together people who, through study, research, exhibitions, lectures and publications, wish to develop a greater knowledge of Josiah Wedgwood and the nearly 250 year history of his company and its accomplishments. Members enjoy sharing their knowledge and appreciation of Wedgwood, as well as related decorative arts, with each other, the academic community, and the public at large. Each year six meeitngs are held and special events may take place. Members have access to world authorities for advice. We also publish a Newsletter six times each year.

The official logo for the Wedgwood Society of Boston is from a brooch owned by the founding president, Elizabeth C. Chellis. It is titled The Power of Love.

You are welcome to join us. Click on the membership form link below, print it out and mail it in