About Us

The Wedgwood Society of Boston (WSB) was founded in 1969 by Elizabeth C. Chellis and is a reorganization of the Wedgwood Club founded in 1933, making it the oldest continuing group devoted to the study of Wedgwood. Considering that some of the first ties Josiah Wedgwood I, who founded his company in 1759, had to America were right here in New England, it is only fitting that such an organization was established in Boston.

Collectors, historians, curators, ceramics authorities, dealers, students, and admirers of Wedgwood comprise the Society’s membership roster. And they join us from the local region, throughout North America, and abroad. The level of their Wedgwood knowledge or activity ranges from novice to expert. WSB member collectors may have a handful of pieces to many thousands, spanning up to three centuries of production, and covering one or more of the hundreds of product categories the Wedgwood firm has produced from the mid-18th century to the present time. Others simply enjoy the rich history of the Wedgwood subject.

Members enjoy the privileges of acquiring information and sources for objects offered by their fellow WSB members and the Wedgwood world at large. Member dealers can lead collectors to their wares for sale, and professionals within the Society can provide informal appraisals, item identifications, and referrals. The WSB Members Zone offers extended access to resources, to include a mentoring service for the novice collector or researcher.

Dark gray bust of Josiah Wedgwood.
Twin dark blue and gold majolica ewers.

Meet Our Board of Officers and Directors

  • President: Jeremy Hagger
  • Vice President: Elizabeth M. Collins
  • Treasurer: Ronald Forrest Frazier
  • Corresponding Secretary: Jessie W. Hagger
  • Recording Secretary: Dana Dauterman Ricciardi
  • Immediate Past President: Robert D. Chellis


  • Christopher L. Hagger
  • Abigail B. Homer
  • James D. Kaufman
  • Deborah Kellstrand
  • Margaret C. Kerner
  • Lucy Lead
  • Stuart Slavid
Green jasperware sgraffito vase.
Yellow and white teapot and saucer.

Executive Advisory Council

  • Adele Ierubino Barnett*
  • Robert D. Chellis*
  • Ronald F. Frazier*

*past president

An early Wedgwood dark blue jasper cameo brooch with “The Power of Love” scene; from the collection of founder Elizabeth C. Chellis.

WSB brooch logo