There are many useful sources of information on Wedgwood ceramics on the internet. These include the webpages of other Wedgwood Societies, as well as websites of Museums holding sizable and important collections of Wedgwood. Listed below for your convenience are a sampling of the links to helpful websites:

Wedgwood Societies

Wedgwood International Seminar –

Wedgwood Society of New York –

Wedgwood Society of Washington DC –

Wedgwood Society of New South Wales –

Wedgwood Society of Australia, Inc. –

Wedgwood Society of Queensland –


The Wedgwood Museum –  Scan2

The Birmingham Museum of Art –

The Lady Lever Art Gallery –

The British Museum –

The Victoria and Albert Museum –

The Nottingham Castle Museum –

The Harvard Fogg Museum –

Winterthur Museum –

Hermitage Museum –

Other Links:

Wikipedia –

Wedgwood Calendar Tiles –

Skinner Inc. Auctioneers –

Wedgwood’s Catalogue of Cameos, Intaglios, Medals, Bas-reliefs, Busts, and Small Statues by Josiah Wedgwood and Eliza Meteyard – (copy and paste link –

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  1. Hello,
    I was hoping to reach out to your membership to let them know that we recently have acquired an enormous amount of very collectible Wedgwood pieces from the deceased estate of Wedgwood collector William Amerman, Flat Rock, NC. We will be auctioning these in our April 24th, 2014 auction, which will be available for bidding live ONLINE via the auction hosting website. The link to our online catalog is as follows:

    A snipet of information on what will be auctioned:
    Wedgwood: VAST COLLECTION OF WEDGWOOD—APPROX 100+ PCS! Includes early Wedgwood pre-1860. Queen’s Ware bidet ca. 1800. Pair black basalt water & wine ewers. Signed John Turner and Keith Murray. Basalt busts incl Duke of Edinburgh H. 9”, Mercury H. 19”, Shakespeare H. 13”, others. 19th C Jasperware. Asst’d plaques incl 19th C Majolica. 19th C Jardiniere. 19th C foot bath basins. PR BLACK BASALT COUCHANT SPHINX STATUES—RARE!! Figurines. Tricolor. Caneware. Carrara White Jasper Busts of George Stephenson 1858 H. 19-1/2” and James Watt 1859 H. 19-1/2”. MORE!

    If you can be of service in letting your membership know of this auction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

    Shelley’s Auction Gallery

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